Select A Plan

  • Narrow down your search by features and other important factors you need in your new home with the help of our sales agent.
  • Decide on one of our home models which are available for viewing on our website or in person at one of our show homes.


Decide on a Lot

  • Visit our salesperson and find out which lots are available in the area you wish to build in.
  • Make a lot deposit to reserve the lot while you work out the details of your new home.


Customize Your Home

  • Explore the endless possibilities for your family while we guide you through the process of plan customization.
  • You have the opportunity to adjust room sizes, the cabinet layout, windows and much more.
  • Bring life to your plan by selecting from a list of the many options available to you.


Sign The Contract

  • Prior to signing the contract you will be presented with the home price, lot price, option prices, and the applicable GST.
  • Once you are comfortable with the final quote set a time to meet your salesperson and sign the contract.


Welcome Meeting

  • Attend a meeting at the Discovery Homes head office and become acquainted with the office staff who will be building your home.
  • Let us walk you through an overview of the building process and design selection process.
  • With your participation our head architect will do a final review of the building plans and provide input on any final adjustments.


Make Your Design Selections

  • At appointments with our exceptional quality suppliers, you will be guided by our salespeople through the numerous choices available to you.
  • The final customization of your home finishes are made before construction gets underway.


Break Ground

  • After the design selections are complete a dig date will be set and you will see the first signs of construction on your lot.
  • Our client contact will get in touch with you. Throughout construction they will be there to answer any questions you have during the build.


Rough In Tour

  • Attend an on site meeting for a mid-construction review after the home has been framed and rough-ins have begun.
  • Take a tour through your home while we explain the construction and review the parts of your home that are later hidden behind walls.


Walkthrough Meeting

  • One week before you get the keys to your home we will do a final walkthrough of the home to note any incomplete or deficient items.


Move In Your New Home

  • Once we have corrected the remaining items in your home you are ready to take the keys and move in.
  • Pause for a moment to ponder all you have accomplished. You are moving into a quality new home, customized to fit the needs of your family for many years to come.