We are not only first time home builders but also first time home buyers and are a few months into the construction. It has been very exciting to watch it grow from a hole in the ground into a home and we couldn’t be happier about our decision to choose Discovery Homes. Everyone on the team has been a great help in assisting us with selecting, planning and designing our home. So far everything has gone incredibly smoothly and someone is always available and eager to answer our questions.

We just wanted to thank you, Sandra, Stacy, and Jamie for everything you have done for us. We really enjoyed working with each one of you and appreciate your attention to detail and professionalism during the initial stages of the entire process.

Furthermore, we would really like to show our appreciation to Sen who worked with us during the actually design and layout of our home. His friendly, eager personality combined with his creative, innovative ideas was extremely helpful to ensure our home would not only be functional but unique and brilliant.

We will continue to recommend to our family and friends that they consider building with Discovery. Throughout the process we have had people tell us how difficult building a home can be and the many many things that can go wrong – we are very happy and fortunate to say we have not come across this at all and our experience with building our first home has been quite a wonderful, exciting, adventure.

We cannot thank Discovery enough for making the experience an incredible one. We look forward to moving into our beautiful house and making it a home!!

Charles & Shannon

So far, the best part of the build has been the selection process. Jamie and all Discovery’s suppliers have been excellent! She, along with the suppliers, made the process fun and stress free. They were fast, professional and efficient. Sen was also great. He did a great job with the design and engineering stage of our custom home. We can’t wait for the finished product.

Lee & Danielle

Building a house for the first time, we just knew it was going to be such a stressful experience. However, from that first meeting with Josh and Sandra, we never felt like we were abandoned. There was always someone there to help us along – whether it was the amazingly efficient selections coordinator Jamie, super helpful design consultant Julie or the rest of the staff who never hesitated to do a little extra. Whenever we had questions, we knew we could count on the staff to help us out or direct us to the right people. Discovery Homes is very good at what they do – helping us build a home that we will love and doing it in the least stressful way possible.

Adam & Shuangbo

We were excited to find that Discovery Homes had the right house plan for our family. In the process of building, they were able to construct the house plan to meet the vision we had for our home. Discovery took our ideas, concerns and questions seriously and responded to them personally. Throughout this process, our experience with Josh, Kerri, Gord D. and Jeff D. has been professional, personable and prompt. We have found that they have always done what they can to go above and beyond – caring about our home as much as we do. During the winter, we experienced a water main break. We were able to contact Kerri and even though the water main break was the city’s responsibility, she was on top of the issue and made sure that it was resolved. We really felt that she advocated for us and that we were taken care of. We are so happy to have the house plan that was on paper now as our home. Thank-you to all at Discovery!

Garry & Sandra

The process was seamless and not stressful, and unlike most builders the follow-up has been amazing. Everything on the to-do list when we had the walk through with Josh was taken care of in a timely fashion. Thanks so much for the lovely gift basket! Thanks especially for all you’ve done to make the building process a pleasurable one. You are professional, reliable, and diligent in fulfilling your role as builder. We speak very highly of you to anyone who asks.

Duane & Marcia

We are currently building our house with Discovery Homes. They are very customer-focused. We have given them our own plans, which they were able to enhance and make our vision come true.

Tom & Mélanie

Dear Discovery Homes Team: We had always heard if you stay happily married after building a house together you’re one of the lucky ones.

With the Discovery Homes team, life through building was a dream!!! The moment we stepped foot into the show home we were hooked. The model was awesome and the sales team was not pushy, rather very informative. Of course, this is easy when you know the team you’re working with stands behind every word.

You have kept us informed every step of the way and returned calls immediately. Your family of sub-contractors were awesome, indicating you have their respect as well. Each person we were in contact with from suppliers to designers and beyond worked to ensure our satisfaction, while still keeping on or ahead of schedule. This means a lot in this crazy new home market.

Well done to you all – Joshua, Jamie, Julie, and all the Discovery Homes family.

Kyle, Katie, & Olivia

We really want to thank the team of Discovery Homes, you did professional quality work. We are thankful for our home and are enjoying living in our house. Special thanks to Svetlana and Sandra Mueller. These two ladies always were helpful, loyal and professional to us.

Once again we appreicate all your hard work for us and are really glad that we choose Discovery Homes as our Builder. Keep doing your amazing work, we wish you all the best of luck.

Tatiana & Yuri

We went to the Discovery Home on Bridge Land Drive North, and we were met by both Stacey & Sandra whom were both very friendly, took some time to explain how the process of a new home build works and answered some initial questions for us. The rest is history. We chose a lot in Phase 1 of Bridgewater Lakes, designed a floor plan with assistance from Stacey & Sandra, and the build commenced April 2012. We moved in October 2012.

Our experience with Discovery Homes has been excellent!

From our initial contact with Stacey and Sandra , Julie with design selection, Al Leighton who kept everything flowing and was always only a phone call away, Deborah from Service & Warranty, to the trades people, they have all have been professional, knowledgeable and prompt. From start to finish, the process was very smooth. Discovery Homes worked very closely with us to customize our home to meet our needs.

We highly recommend Discovery Homes!!

Gary & Lori

We have built two homes in Bridgwater Forest. Our last build with Discovery Homes made us feel satisfied and happy to build and move to our home in a timely fashion. We enjoyed the entire experience.

We researched and talked to all of the builders and sales reps, but the one who made a lasting impression was Stacy Finch from Discovery Homes. He was down to earth, friendly, knowledgeable and honest. He told us the facts about building and was not pushy or demanding. Stacy and Sandra were different, they were sincere in helping us find what fit our needs and were willing to go the distance to draw up the perfect house plans to fit our lifestyle and budget. These sales agents give Discovery a good reputation and attract potential buyers who want assistance in planning their homes. Stacy and Sandra are by your side through the process and work hard after hours to service their clients. They made us feel like family.

Our praise to the customer service we received during our build from Joshua and Sen who worked on our design and met all our expectations through the process. We loved working with the team at Discovery and have spread the word to our friends and family.

One of the best features was being able to customize our home and the flexibility to change the layout or orientation of rooms to fit our needs or features of the lot. Secondly, the number of choices we were allowed in our options. The standard specs included quality materials. We were very impressed and satisfied. The draft and final drawings were very detailed and organized with all our requests for changes. We loved being able to see our home during the build process to reassure us that things were going in the right direction. We had someone assigned to us during all the phases. Al Leighton always replied and got the job done. Discovery Homes helped us through every step of our build from good information to obtaining a mortgage that saved us on the land transfer draw. The owners attended our walk through sessions and Deborah from the service department. They even pointed out adjustments that needed to be made to our benefit. They looked out for us. That you Discovery Homes for making this building experience very pleasant and rewarding. We love our new home and would give top reviews about your quality, workmanship, and customer service!

Kim & Tuan