Charles & Shannon

We are not only first time home builders but also first time home buyers and are a few months into the construction. It has been very exciting to watch it grow from a hole in the ground into a home and we couldn’t be happier about our decision to choose Discovery Homes. Everyone on the team has been a great help in assisting us with selecting, planning and designing our home. So far everything has gone incredibly smoothly and someone is always available and eager to answer our questions.

We just wanted to thank you, Sandra, Stacy, and Jamie for everything you have done for us. We really enjoyed working with each one of you and appreciate your attention to detail and professionalism during the initial stages of the entire process.

Furthermore, we would really like to show our appreciation to Sen who worked with us during the actually design and layout of our home. His friendly, eager personality combined with his creative, innovative ideas was extremely helpful to ensure our home would not only be functional but unique and brilliant.

We will continue to recommend to our family and friends that they consider building with Discovery. Throughout the process we have had people tell us how difficult building a home can be and the many many things that can go wrong – we are very happy and fortunate to say we have not come across this at all and our experience with building our first home has been quite a wonderful, exciting, adventure.

We cannot thank Discovery enough for making the experience an incredible one. We look forward to moving into our beautiful house and making it a home!!