Kim & Tuan

We have built two homes in Bridgwater Forest. Our last build with Discovery Homes made us feel satisfied and happy to build and move to our home in a timely fashion. We enjoyed the entire experience.

We researched and talked to all of the builders and sales reps, but the one who made a lasting impression was Stacy Finch from Discovery Homes. He was down to earth, friendly, knowledgeable and honest. He told us the facts about building and was not pushy or demanding. Stacy and Sandra were different, they were sincere in helping us find what fit our needs and were willing to go the distance to draw up the perfect house plans to fit our lifestyle and budget. These sales agents give Discovery a good reputation and attract potential buyers who want assistance in planning their homes. Stacy and Sandra are by your side through the process and work hard after hours to service their clients. They made us feel like family.

Our praise to the customer service we received during our build from Joshua and Sen who worked on our design and met all our expectations through the process. We loved working with the team at Discovery and have spread the word to our friends and family.

One of the best features was being able to customize our home and the flexibility to change the layout or orientation of rooms to fit our needs or features of the lot. Secondly, the number of choices we were allowed in our options. The standard specs included quality materials. We were very impressed and satisfied. The draft and final drawings were very detailed and organized with all our requests for changes. We loved being able to see our home during the build process to reassure us that things were going in the right direction. We had someone assigned to us during all the phases. Al Leighton always replied and got the job done. Discovery Homes helped us through every step of our build from good information to obtaining a mortgage that saved us on the land transfer draw. The owners attended our walk through sessions and Deborah from the service department. They even pointed out adjustments that needed to be made to our benefit. They looked out for us. That you Discovery Homes for making this building experience very pleasant and rewarding. We love our new home and would give top reviews about your quality, workmanship, and customer service!